CIOFF®.BE - Conseil international des organisations des festivals de folklore et d'arts traditionnels

CIOFF® is an international non-gouvernemental organisation with formal consultative relations with UNESCO. It promotes the preservation of the peoples'' traditional art and its presentation on a world scale in a spirit of international understanding to strengthen peace and friendship.

It is active by means of national sections in over 70 countries, spread over all continents. It operates through more than 130 recognized interntional folklore festivals, through exchange of groups and through congresses, seminaries, exhibitions and handcraft fairs.

CIOFF®.BE is the Belgian national section of CIOFF®. CIOFF®-Vlaanderen vzw is the Flemish regional division of CIOFF®.BE.

The objectives of CIOFF®
globeSince 1970, CIOFF® has worked for the safeguarding and diffusion of traditional culture. Through its actions, CIOFF® aims at the following objectives

•  Promote the intangible heritage through such forms of expression as dance, music, games, rituals, customs and other arts.

•  Serve the objectives of UNESCO

•  Support the activities of its members and those of Non-Governmental Organisations working in the areas of folklore and cultural heritage

•  Serve for the cause of peace, through meeting the above objectives